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    Our real-time audience management platform for Internet video and more allows companies to increase engagement and sales by dynamically optimizing Internet video’s content, interactive features, and monetization strategy based on viewer attributes, traffic volume, and other data.


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  • Wouldn't it be great to monetize traffic spikes?

    You bet — life has a pulse, shareable media should, too

    Imagine that Tom, a marketer at the fictional chain, "Pets 'R Us," wants Sue, a content strategist at the fictional television network, "OCP," to help him produce and monetize a Web video series about a dog. Let's listen in to their conversation.

    Bummer! Tom and Sue could both profit from dynamic audience management. They aren't the only ones.

    We can help. Our technology dynamically optimizes shareable media as online traffic ebbs and flows.

  • Dynamic audience management for shareable media

    Make it pulse in time to your global digital network

    Arrow, our real-time audience-management platform, dynamically optimizes shareable media as online traffic flows.

    Arrow allows savvy organizations to better monetize and engage with audiences — for themselves or their clients.

    That sound? Cheering!

  • Add your own 'targeting logic' to Arrow

    The most scalable way to manage audiences, ever

    Arrow's in a class of its own — there's never been a media platform like it.

    Did we mention that Arrow's toolkit offers "live control" of shareable media, too? You bet it does!

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  • Founder

    James Abels started Three Minute Media in 2009. A lawyer, he served as a staff reporter for Forbes.com, where he covered digital media. Abels developed an expertise in media and technology while covering mergers and acquisitions for Mergermarket, a U.K.-based intelligence service that Pearson bought for $192 million in 2006 (since divested). His passion for creative businesses helped him recruit a skilled technical co-founder and an expert advisory board.


    Patrick Courtney is the Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy at Above Average.

    Trevor Delaney is the former Personal Finance Editor of the Associated Press.

    Emily Laderman is Director, Brand Reputation PR, Dell Inc.


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